Antique Conservation Products

Ideal for conserving original finishes, our reviver maintains the antique and investment value of pieces keeping the patina and character, giving a superior end result.

Our philosophy is to maintain and conserve original finishes and our reviver is a sympathetic approach, easily applied and enables anyone to achieve professional results whilst saving you time and money.

A guide for the use of Kinnear's Furniture Reviver. Essential for saving original finishes and retaining patina on timber surfaces.

If surface feels rough to the touch, use 600g wet/dry paper with turps and smooth down.

Apply Kinnear's Reviver using fine steel wool (OO minimum).

Shake well before and during use. work small circles then finish in the direction of the grain. Aply to small sections at a time and wipe off immediatly with a cotton rag.

Multiple coats of reviver can be used to acheive your desired result. If surface still feels greasy or oily burnish with dry steel wool in the direction of the grain.

Seal surface with Kinnear's shellac using a 'rubber' or fine brush. Applying multiple thin coats for a well bodied surface.

Allow 12 hours drying time before beeswax application.

Apply beeswax with a cotton rag sparingly, buff immediatly with a 'chux' cloth or similar.

Should now be looking pretty good!

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